Figure del desiderio. Retorica, temi, immagini

Pisa, 13 | 15 dicembre 2012
Convegno annuale dell’Associazione per gli Studi di Teoria e Storia Comparata della Letteratura

Partecipano: Guido Paduano, Stefano Brugnolo, Mario Lavagetto, Arrigo Stara, Sergio Zatti, Pierluigi Pellini, Nadia Fusini, Gianluigi Simonetti, Massimo Fusillo, Remo Ceserani, Simona Micali, Massimo Recalcati, Daniele Balicco.


Immersive Worlds and Transmedia Narratives

Tuesday 13th November – Thursday 15th November 2012, Salzburg, Austria

This call for papers is about where the story starts and where it ends, about who writes the story and who reads it and whether any of these definitions apply when we are in the story itself. This then is about world making and about the media, mediums and machinery that converge to make it possible. The rhizomic qualities of a smart phone that enmesh us into the real world also connect and implicate large parts of ourselves in imaginary and virtual spaces; with people we have never met and places we will never see other than through the app, the blog or the social networking site 


2nd Global Conference Writing: Paradigms, Power, Poetics, Praxis

 Saturday 10th November – Monday 12th November 2012

This global research and publications project on Writing will explore the many facets of writing from an interdisciplinary perspective. It seeks to explore the many intertextual and intersemiotic facets of writing as they exists in the digital age but also taking into account the historical forces, process and mechanisms, their relationships to contemporary writing forms, and the possibilities of future directions. ‘All writing comes from somewhere’ and with this axiom in mind this project will not only examine the pragmatic elements of writing but also the complex issues concerning the metafunctions of writing as a creative and purposeful process across various disciplines.


Fashioning the city: Exploring Fashion Cultures, Structures, and Systems

International Inter-disciplinary Conference 

19th-21st September 2012 

Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2EU. United Kingdom.

Principal Language of Conference Proceedings: English


Antwerp, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dakar, Seoul, Sydney...a familiar, yet unfamiliar, line up of cities which have all emerged as sites for the production and display of fashion in recent times. Are these also the names set to usurp the power of the ‘’Big Five’’ ‘’Fashion Capitals’’ Paris, London, Milan, New York, and Tokyo? While the power, position and prestige of the legendary Fashion Capitals are recognised as such throughout the structures and networks of the fashion industry, none are sacrosanct as such_ 



Warburg, Benjamin and Kulturwissenschaft

The Warburg Institute, University of London, School of Advanced Study 
14 | 15 june 2012

In continental Europe the intellectual legacy of Aby Warburg is currently a major topic of debate. Several eminent German art historians have announced that the completion of the edition of Warburg’s writings is now a national priority. As the holder of Warburg’s papers the Warburg Institute is actively involved in editing Warburg’s writings.


Cultures in virtual worlds. A special issue of the New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

Virtual worlds (VW) embody cultures, their artefacts, and their praxes; these new and old spaces of imagination and transformation allow humans to interact in spatial dimensions. Within these spaces, culture manifests with the creation, representation, and circulation of meaningful experiences.


The 9th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies

The city of Paris has a long and complex history as a crossroad between cultures and peoples. Paris has played an important role in the development and circulation of the works of authors and thinkers that have shaped the postcolonial imagination in a significant way. Drawing on their tradition of comprehensive and critical thought, the organizers seek contributions in the form of papers and panels that will continue to examine the intersection between culture, power and knowledge from within the framework of Cultural Studies.


Solidarity, Memory and Identity

Interdisciplinary Conference in GdaƄsk, 20-21 September 2012

What is the phenomenon of solidarity in the current world? What is the sense to talk about it with the increase of violence around the globe? What is its role in shaping identities – of cultures, nations, individuals? Is it born from memory or from oblivion? Questions such as these gave rise to the idea of our interdisciplinary conference. It is going to be devoted to solidarity in all its multiple aspects, in the broadest contexts possible – historical, cultural, artistic, psychological, philosophical.