Visual Studies as Academic Discipline :: International Conference

Visual Studies as Academic Discipline

7 novembre 2013

9.00 Krešimir Purgar _Center for Visual Studies, Zagreb
After Pictorial Turn: Visual Studies as Academic Discipline

Key note speaker:
9.30 W.J.T. Michell _University of Chicago
Seeing Madness: Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture

11.00Coffee break

Plenary speaker:
11.15 Marquard Smith _Westminster University, London
The Art School: The Future for ‘Theory’?

11.45 Visual Studies and University Curricula

Max Liljefors_University of Lund
Visual Culture Studies and Disciplinary Identity: Some Concrete Issues

Clemena Antonova_University of Oxford
Visual Studies before Visual Studies: “The Science of Art” in Early Soviet Russia

Magda Szcześniakand Łukasz Zaremba _University of Warsaw
Iconoclasm and Counterfeit – Polish post-1989 Visual Culture

13.00Aesthetics of New Media

Žarko Paić _University of Zagreb
Technosphere – New Digital Aesthetics? The Body as Event, Interactivity and Visualization of Ideas

Katarina Peović Vuković _University of Rijeka
Postmodernism and its Material Character

Boris Ružić _University of Rijeka
Visual Study of the Conjuration of Images in Media Texts

14.15 Lunch break

15.45Film studies and Disciplinary Ramifications

Asbjørn Grønstad _University of Bergen
Is There a Transmedial Dispositif? Aesthetic Epistemes and the Question of Disciplinarity

Saša Vojković _University of Zagreb
Reformulating the Symbolic Order: World Cinema and Vision Which Exceeds the Fictional Universe

Silvia Casini_University of Venice Ca' Foscari
Guided by Images: From Jean-Luc Godard to Brain Scans

17.00Images and Social Sciences

Petra Bernhardtand Andreas Pribersky _University of Vienna
“Missionaries in a Foreign Field”: On the Status of the Visual in Political Science

Philipp Jeandrée_Goldsmiths College, London
The Pictorial Turn Unnoticed...? What Visual Studies has to Offer to Political Thinking

Ory Bartal_Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jeruzalem
Social Sciences meet the Humanities: A Research Methodology for the Creative Industries

8 novembre 2013

Plenary speaker:

10.00 Michele Cometa _University of Palermo
The Challenge of Cave Art: On the Future of Visual Culture

11.00New Theoretical Perspectives in Visual Studies I

Teresa Castro_Université Sorbonne Nouvel, Paris
The Visual Studies Attitude

Virve Sarapik_Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin
Speech Act of Pictures

12.00 Coffee break

12.15New Theoretical Perspectives in Visual Studies II

Noa Hazan_Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv
Toward a Responsible Theory of Visual Studies in Mass Media Era

Almira Ousmanova _European Humanities University, Vilnius
Local and Global in Shaping of the Research Agenda for Visual Culture Studies

Ilaria Fornacciari_University of Basel
The Complexity and Stakes of Pictorial Knowledge: About Foucault Reading Panofsky

13.45 Lunch break

15.15Performance, Body, Image

Laura Potrović_Northwestern University, Paris
Becoming Body as Self-organizing, Metamorphic Form of Life

Andrej Mirčev_University of Osijek
Towards a Performative Cartography of Images

Josipa Bubaš
Margins of Visual Culture – Body Images in the Performative Context

16.30The Look of the Other

Marko Stamenković_University of Ghent
Necropictures: The “South” as a Place to Look

Scott Manning Stevens_Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Chicago
Visuality and the Reorientation of Native American Studies

17.30 Final discussion

18.00 Closing of the conference

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